To create the “Night Lights” series, I used extended exposures and movement, essentially “painting” with my camera and an outdoor light, with the nighttime darkness as my canvas. My aim was to capture a feeling of music and fluidity, of dancing with the light. Each piece has its own tempo and melody.

Night Lights Photo Series

The series focuses on coaxing the beauty out of a rusty, discarded everyday object. The textures, shapes and colors seem to have a movement of their own and remind me of a symphony conductor's swooping arcs.

Metal Springs Photo Series

I found this tiny creature outside our house after hearing a smack against a window.

I wanted to capture the beauty of its delicate features. They’re blue to reflect the sadness of death.

My Blue Bird Photo Series

I am often looking down at the ground to find hidden gems. I love the way water reflects our world back to us like looking through a special lens. Trees and plants have always been a fascination of mine.

Reflections Photo Series


Beach Photo Series

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