About me

Textures – natural, man-made or a combination of the two – are the inspiration for much of my work. I enjoy finding patterns and exploring them. I work in multiple art mediums: encaustics, photography, printmaking and mixed media. Encaustic painting — an ancient art that uses beeswax and pigments — is a natural technique to blend with other mediums, as it provides a texture of its own. Sometimes I use the wax and other materials to obscure images, and other times I use them to enhance and focus on precise details.


When I create art my intent is to allow the viewer to bring his or her own story to the piece. I want people to explore, to place their own experiences and labels on the artwork.


I really enjoy capturing a small section of the world in a fragmented yet focused way. It’s a way of slowing down time and meditating on a single thought. I take an impressionistic, not documentary, approach to my art, and I use that perspective to challenge viewers to complete the context.

"Old Gas Station"

black and white photography

Daniel has been recognized several times by the Eastside Association of Fine Arts for his photography and encaustic works. His work is in private collections and has been displayed in galleries, businesses and art shows around the Pacific Northwest, including Alki Arts, Seattle Design Center, John L. Scott Real Estate-West Seattle Office, Columbia Winery, Lowell Art Works, Starbucks corporate collection, and Northwest Encaustic Studio http://www.nwencaustic.com

"Wetlands Jewels I"

mixed media encaustic on wood – 23"x30"

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